Circulation applications address the flow of fluid through a closed circuit. Emphasis is on reliable operation over extended periods of time. Applications include: heating, cooling, filtering, mixing, hydrating, degassing, Venturi feed, and controlling system pressure.

Design concerns often associated with circulation systems: PMI benefits for circulation systems:
System complexity Continuous, pulseless flow may eliminate the need for pulse dampening components

Experienced design team to help simplify your fluid system design
Reliability and longevity Products designed and produced to provide exceptionally long life in a wide range of applications
Power consumption I-Drive technology minimizes power consumption

Precision positive displacement components provide superior hydraulic efficiency
Uniformity of flow Inputs designed to enable closed loop pressure or flow rate control

Low Inertia Drive for Fast Response
Introduction of contaminants Static seals and magnetic drives minimize the potential for contamination or leaks
Leaks to the outside environment Designs for system pressures up to 5000 PSI (333 Bar)
Ease of integration Compact size and standard interfaces to ease design integration

Our experienced design team can help with your fluid system design
Chemical compatibility Standard wetted materials are well suited for fluids often found in these applications; with options for extreme applications
Pressure pulsation Continuous, pulseless flow minimizes impact on fluid system components and improves overall performance and eliminates need for pulse dampening components

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