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0 Direct Drive Gear Pump Head
Brand:  PMI
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General parameters     Typical applications:
1. ASL:≤2500m
2. Humidity
3. Fluid viscosity
4. Ambient Temp
5. Liquid temperature:10℃≤T100
6. Operating modeuninterrupted duty
7. Medium
acid, alkali, salt, oil, organic solvents
  1.Medical treatment machine
  2.Water treatment & Printing
  3.Industry of fine chemicals
  5.Food processing and packing
Performance summary:          
Date Rated Pressure Flow rate  Inlet pressure In-Out size      
Model No bar ml/rpm bar mm    
CBS1-06 5 0.5 -1~0.5 1/8"NPT      
CBS1-12 3 1      
CBS1-17 3 1.5      
Pump construction   Wetted Materials      
1. Gear pump 1. Base material: SS304    
2. Suction shoe style   2. Gears: PEEK, PPS      
3. Spur gears   3. Static Seal: PTFE      
4. stationary shafts            
5. PTFE bevel or O-ring seal          

Pump Drawing:

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