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0 Magnetic Drive Gear Pump 200Series
Brand:  PMI
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Series MG pumps deliver exceptional


Small Size / High-Performance


pumping performance and long life in abrasive

The miniature size of the Series MG coupled

fluid applications. Abrasive fluids, such as


with the DC and AC drive create a high

pigmented paints and inks, often cause


performance package that is easy

significant pump wear, dramatically shortening

incorporated into your systerms


pump life. PMI’s Series MG pumps use


advanced materials and design processes to


Chemical and Abrasive Resistance

extend pump life. 


Series MG200 has a long-life in aggressive


chemical and abrasive fluid environments.

These compact magnetically driven gear pumps


feature a cavity style design for smooth


Smooth Pulseless Delivery


pulseless fluid delivery. The magnetic drive


Positive displacement, precision gears 

removes the need for direct drive connection


provide consistent fluid delivery in 

to the pump gears, eliminating leak points


continuous processes.


associated with shaft seals, while providing


energy-efficient fluid delivery. Series MG




pumps are ideal for a wide range of abrasive


The magnetic drive and static o-ring seal(s)

fluid applications.


keep the fluid securely inside the pump


and potential contaminants out.


Performance Summary


Maximum Rated System Pressure

Flow Rate at 2000rpm   3000rpm   4500rpm


   21 Bar (-1 to 20bar)


  ml/min                800            1700           3000


Temperature Range




   -46 to 121 °C (-50 to 250 °F)


  Gear Series     04       09       13   


Viscosity Range


  mL/rpm           0.27    0.6      0.75        


  0.2 to 6000 cps


Maximum Rated Differential Pressure


Maximum Speed (recommend)

   5.0 Bar


  5000 rpm



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